LACE UK Auditory Training Access Code


Once you complete your order, you will immediately receive instructions via email on getting started with LACE.

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How does this work?

  • Once you complete your order, you will be immediately sent an Access Code which will allow you to create a new account in the LACE Auditory Training program.

How long does LACE last?

  • A lifetime! LACE consists of 11 scripted and scored training sessions. Once you complete your initial 11 training sessions, you can continue to use LACE for as long as you’d like with unlimited training options where you may choose the type of training and the content used in the training. Please note that once you’ve completed the 11 sessions, you’ll need to log out and log back into your account to access the unlimited training options.

Can I use LACE on different devices?

  • Yes! You can use LACE on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device) that has access to the internet.

How do I share my scoring data with my Hearing Health Professional?

  • Because LACE is a HIPAA compliant training program, you will need to ask your Hearing Heath Professional to visit to request access to your scoring data. Note that this step is optional.



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