Speech-in-Noise Training & Testing

Helps you learn how to pick out a voice in a noisy environment.

Approximately 30% of LACE’s total adaptive training is focused on Speech-in-Noise. The Speech-in-Noise tasks consist of sentences presented in the presence of multi-talker babble, which is noise made by several speakers talking at the same time. You will be prompted to listen to a sentence and repeat as much of it as you understand, either aloud or silently. You’ll then see the written form of the sentence and be asked to indicate whether you understood every word (as shown in the example screenshot).

As you improve, you’ll be able to understand the sentences in the presence of louder background noise. LACE adapts to your responses, so you’ll remain challenged through all 11 sessions.

Hear an example of Speech-in-Noise audio

These examples are for demonstration purposes only. LACE adapts to your listening threshold so the exercises should never be too easy or too difficult.

QuickSIN™ Speech-in-Noise test

At multiple points during training, LACE includes the QuickSIN™ test, an industry-standard test that helps assess difficulty hearing in noise. Like LACE’s Speech-in-Noise exercises, the QuickSIN™ is comprised of sentences recorded in four-talker babble that represents a realistic simulation of a social gathering. This one-minute test gives both you and your hearing professional an additional indication of your hearing thresholds and progress as you train.
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