Speech-in-Noise Training & QuickSIN Testing

Train your brain to pick out voices better — even in noisy environments.

Struggling to Pick Out Voices in Noisy Places?

One of the most common and frustrating symptoms of hearing loss is difficulty hearing a speaker in a noisy environment. That’s especially true for people who are new to hearing aids, since hearing aids can pick up and heighten background noise along with the voices you want to hear.

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LACE’s speech comprehension software can help you train your brain to manage background noise levels, whether or not you wear a hearing aid. LACE’s Speech-in-Noise exercises strengthen your brain’s auditory processing, helping you better filter out background noise so you can focus on the voice or voices you’re listening to.

That means less frustration and more conversation — even when you’re in a noisy environment.

LACE Speech-in-Noise Training Can Help

LACE’s Speech-in-Noise tasks consist of sentences presented in the presence of several background speakers talking at the same time. You will be prompted to listen to a sentence and repeat as much of it as you understand, either aloud or silently.

You’ll then see the written form of the sentence and be asked to indicate whether you understood every word (as shown in the example screenshot).

As you improve, you’ll notice you’re able to understand the sentences in the presence of louder background noise. LACE adapts to your responses, so you’ll remain challenged through all 11 sessions.

Hear an Example of Speech-in-Noise Audio

These examples are for demonstration purposes only. LACE adapts to your listening threshold so the exercises should never be too easy or too difficult.

QuickSIN Speech-in-Noise Test

LACE uses QuickSIN testing during training. The QuickSIN is an industry-standard hearing test that health care professionals often rely on to measure the ability of a patient to comprehend speech in noisy environments.

The QuickSIN test will challenge you with different ratios of speech to background noise, starting with a clearer voice and slowly becoming more challenging. 

You’ll complete this test at multiple points during training so both you and your hearing health care professional can have an additional industry-standard measure to check against. You can see clearly how your hearing threshold stands and track your progress as you train with LACE.

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