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How does this work?

  • Once you complete your order, you will be immediately sent an Access Code which will allow you to create a new account in the LACE Auditory Training program.

How long does LACE last?

  • A lifetime! LACE consists of 11 scripted and scored training sessions. Once you complete your initial 11 training sessions, you can continue to use LACE for as long as you’d like with unlimited training options where you may choose the type of training and the content used in the training. Please note that once you’ve completed the 11 sessions, you’ll need to log out and log back into your account to access the unlimited training options.

Can I use LACE on different devices?

  • Yes! You can use LACE on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device) that has access to the internet.

How do I share my scoring data with my Hearing Health Professional?

  • Because LACE is a HIPAA compliant training program, you will need to ask your Hearing Heath Professional to visit to request access to your scoring data. Note that this step is optional.


8 reviews for LACE Auditory Training

  1. Marc M

    I wanted to write and thank you for your program.

    Over the past several years I had become very discouraged as my hearing aid seemed to offer less and less benefit.

    My audiologist explained that as I aged, my natural cognition skills were declining and even though my physical hearing loss in my right ear had been fairly stable over time, natural declines in my ability to process and understand were largely responsible for my problems.

    I have been working on my listening skills using the LACE training course for several months now. I am likely nearing the end of the available sessions – have been through the 11 part training 3-4 times already, but I intend to keep using the program periodically to hone my skills.

    My QuickSIN score is now 0.5 dB and my hearing survey and communication confidence survey are “normal” as well.

    In real life, my comprehension – particularly in crowds with competing noise is much improved. Most importantly, I find it is much easier for me to understand speech. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to “work at it” – but the concentration training has really paid off for me by helping me focus better.

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with comprehension and/or distinguishing speech in crowds. For me your program has been a game changer – on par with getting my first hearing aid 32 years ago!

    Thank you again!

  2. Elizabeth C

    My audiologist recommended LACE for me as my hearing decreased and my frustration with not communicating well increased. It is an excellent software program and I can actually tell that it helps me process sound (ex: one conversation in a noisy room) better. Thank you for this aid to those of us struggling to stay “in the game”.

  3. Jason Jones

    I have had a hearing loss since birth, but it was only detected at the age of 45. The LACE program has taught me the importance of paying attention and helping to block out background noises. I would highly recommend it!

    Jason Jones – Longmont, CO

  4. Warren Maxwell

    Thanks so much for this great program! I feel that many of the tasks have assisted me in learning to actively listen to those speakers around me no matter what the listening environment presents. LACE is an extremely effective way to increase one’s listening skills over time!

    Warren Maxwell – Fresno, CA

  5. David Johnson

    Thanks for the opportunity to get practice and feedback in improving my ability to hear! I have been in a number of situations since I began my training that I am sure I would not have been able to understand what was going on before I had the training!

    David Johnson – Seattle, WA

  6. Moira Kelly

    I found the program very useful and noticed a marked improvement in my listening over time. I also experienced a leap in confidence in all my social listening. I also noticed that I often did not understand the first time something was played but that it became easier with repetition. I liked being able to playback what I heard and found this very helpful as things began to become clearer the more I listened.

    Thank you for a most helpful program.

    Moira Kelly – Billings, MT

  7. Cathleen Quinn

    I completed the training and I am very happy with the results. I feel so inspired, and grateful to understand the process of learning to hear with the brain. Thank you, The Lace Company, for giving me back my Youth and Joy of enjoying my many lectures, family, friends and group meetings. I would like to continue with more training.

    I will be reviewing the current training daily that is available to me at this time. I do enjoy the workout and success of listening with the brain. I understand that I am waking up to a new method of personal growth and I love the process and joy of learning.

    Cathleen Quinn – Glencoe, IL

  8. Betty Heaton

    This training helped me realize that I had become a lazy listener. I think I was frustrated about not being able to hear so I just stopped trying. LACE encouraged me to try harder and as a result I learned where my weaknesses are and how to help strengthen those weaknesses. The program is easy to use and does not take a lot of time each day so you don’t mind following through with the training. I think I am a better listener now. Thanks for the help.

    Betty Heaton – Cleveland, OH

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