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Rapid Speech
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The Rapid Speech exercise constitutes approximately 20% of the training. In this task the training paradigm is identical to that of the Speech-in-noise exercise; however, the variable that is modified is the compression ratio (CR) or speed, of the speech signal. The speech signal is based on a typical and average rate of approximately four syllables per second and is initially compressed at a ratio of 0.85 (in other words, the stimuli are compressed to 85% of the normal time). A WSOLA (Waveform Similarity Overlap-Add) algorithm, designed to maintain an unaltered pitch despite the time compression, is utilized. The trainee listens to the sentence and repeats it as in the speech-in-noise module.

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Examples are for demonstration purposes only. LACE adapts to your listening threshold so the exercises should never be too easy or too difficult.

For the first five iterations, the adjustments to the ratio are in steps of 0.075, then in steps of 0.025. The ratio is limited so that it can never get above 1.0 (normal speed) or below 0.1 (10x speed). Like SB (and the following Competing Speaker [CS] exercise), the general topic matter is the one selected at the beginning of the training session, and the initial presentation at the start of each successive training session is two-step sizes easier than the average performance of the previous session.

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