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Train your brain to focus on fast talkers. Rapid speech training will help you understand more of what you hear.

Rapid Speech Can Be Challenging to Comprehend

For many people with hearing loss or an auditory processing disorder, understanding fast talkers can be even more challenging than understanding someone who speaks softly. As we age, difficulty understanding rapid speech is one of the most common hearing complaints.

We can’t always ask the speaker to slow down. In group settings or when listening to a presentation, it’s possible to miss important details because we can’t keep up with a speaker’s pace of speech. 

While hearing aids can help, health care professionals note that they can’t always improve speech perception for listeners. Health care professionals often recommend a listening training program to help bridge the gap.

That’s why roughly 25% of LACE’s training exercises focus on rapid speech perception, which you can benefit from whether or not you wear a hearing aid.

LACE’s Rapid Speech Perception Training

Rapid Speech
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The rapid speech tasks consist of sentences spoken by a single speaker. You will hear a sentence and be asked to repeat as much of the sentence as you understood, either aloud or silently.

Then, you’ll be presented with the sentence in writing. You’ll be asked to indicate whether you understood every word of the sentence with a “No” or “Yes” response (as shown in the example screenshot).

As you improve, the compression ratio (CR) — or speed — of the sentences in the exercises increases. Since LACE adapts to your responses, you’ll remain challenged through all 11 rapid speech perception training sessions

Hear an Example of Rapid Speech Audio

These examples are for demonstration purposes only. LACE adapts to your listening threshold so the exercises should never be too easy or too difficult.

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