Effective Communication Strategies

Add communication tips and listening best practices to your hearing toolkit.

Communication Isn't Only About What You Hear

Communication isn’t a solo endeavor. Having a successful conversation is dependent a variety of factors, including how each individual participating speaks, acts, and reacts. When you are experiencing hearing loss, being aware of what can help or hinder a conversation can make a huge difference to your communication success.

That’s why LACE includes communication tips and listening best practices. They complement the auditory training exercises and help make sure you’re set up for confident, effective communication.

Communication Strategies
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You’ll receive over 60 communication tips and strategies as you complete your LACE auditory training. These tips and strategies give you a brief break from the careful listening you’ll need as you train, and make sure you’re thinking about listening and communication beyond just what you hear.

You’ll receive information on a variety of topics, ranging from managing the acoustical environment to assertive listening skills.

Once you’ve completed the 11 LACE training sessions, you’ll have access over 100 tips and strategies to review whenever you’d like.

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