Auditory Working Memory Training

This exercise is a cognitive training task that incorporates auditory memory and can help to fill in the blanks.

Target Word (Auditory Working Memory)
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The Auditory Working Memory (Target Word) exercise is a cognitive training task developed for this study that incorporates auditory memory. It constitutes approximately 15% of the training. In this task, the trainee is visually presented with a target word. The trainee is next prompted to listen to a sentence in quiet. The target word is one of the words in the sentence. Following the auditory presentation of the sentence, the trainee is asked to respond via a multiple-choice option by selecting the word that occurs just prior to the target word in the sentence. The sentence is then visually presented with the correct word underlined on the visual display. 

When the trainee answers three consecutive presentations correctly, the algorithm increases the difficulty of the task. The difficulty of the task varies not only based on the length of the sentence but also by the order in which the task is presented. For example, the second difficulty level does not reveal the target word until after the sentence is presented, thus requiring the trainee to retain the entire sentence in short-term memory until completing the task.

If the trainee successfully responds to two consecutive stimuli, the program becomes more difficult by presenting two target words and two sentences. The program allows for six levels of difficulty. If the trainee incorrectly answers two consecutive presentations, the task difficulty is decreased in the opposite manner. Each successive training session begins at one level of difficulty easier than the average performance of the previous session.

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