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LACE is part of a clinic’s best practices

LACE directly involves the patient in their own auditory rehabilitation process, whether it’s a new hearing aid user acclimating post-fitting or an adult experiencing hearing loss or Auditory Processing Disorder. LACE is easy to use, evidence-based, effective, and can help you develop and maintain richer relationships with your patients. 

No matter how large or small your business might be, we’ll do our best to help you find benefits with LACE. Scroll down through this page for details, case studies, and more.

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Options to Fit Your Specific Business Needs

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Discounted LACE Access Codes

LACE Access Codes are required for anyone to start using LACE. One LACE Access Code = one new LACE user account. Hearing professionals receive special discounted rates when purchasing LACE Access Codes in bulk (packs of 10) from our secure e-commerce store.

Simply complete the form above and we’ll send you a link to the store.

LACE Patient Brochures

We’re happy to provide printed trifold brochures at no cost to US- and Canada-based hearing healthcare professionals. Brochures are an easy, effective way to enhance your patient conversations around aural rehabilitation, as well as save time for you and your staff.

Complete the form above by selecting “LACE Patient Brochures Request” to receive your LACE brochures.

If you are a hearing professional based outside of the US and Canada, contact us for options (we have a few!).

Sycle + LACE Integration

Using our secure, native integration with Sycle’s Practice Management Software, you can easily dispense LACE to your patients directly within your Sycle portal.

Contact sales@sycle.net to get started.

White Label LACE

We offer custom white-labeling of LACE for larger businesses. Together, we’ll build your version of LACE branded to your style guidelines and including custom content throughout (e.g. instructional videos, promotions, custom tips). 

Imagine having your own auditory rehabilitation portal where your customers can view your product information, search for your retail locations with a zip code, and improve their listening comprehension with our proven LACE training tasks.

The Science

A sampling of scientific research and white papers supporting LACE.

LACE Auditory Training
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(Reprinted with permission of Audiology Australia.)

American Academy of Audiology

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American Academy of Audiology

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Case Studies

Tips, guides, and success stories from hearing healthcare professionals.

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