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How exactly do you use LACE in your practice?

We recently conducted an interview with Dr. Cheryl Lokanis AuD from Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic regarding their successful implementation of LACE into their practice. Please read the complete interview below.

How exactly do you use LACE in your practice?

At Evergreen Speech & Hearing Clinic, we have a comprehensive aural rehabilitation program called “The Connect Program” which incorporates several keys elements, including LACE. The hearing instruments allow patients to gain access to sound, while the LACE training sharpens the ability to make sense of these sounds that the patient hears. We dispense LACE to all our Connect patients, both new and long term, who have recently purchased new hearing devices.

What is the role of the LACE coach?

The audiology assistants are the official LACE coaches. The role of the LACE coach is to increase LACE compliance by assisting patients in the initiation of the program, affirming A.R./LACE goals, following up on their progress, and motivating the patients to do LACE. Additionally, we rely on the participation of all team members at our clinic to motivate the patient to participate in the LACE training. The audiologist counsels the patient on aural rehabilitation goals, which has been a great counseling tool to increase LACE compliance. Our Front Office Staff have also encouraged and congratulated patients on their LACE progress. Finally, during aural rehabilitation workshops, patients have “coached” and empowered other patients to do LACE!

Why is LACE important to your practice?

LACE is an integral part of our complete aural rehabilitation program. Hearing devices alone cannot restore hearing, rather, it allows the patient to gain access to sound. Our brain will interpret these sounds. LACE will train our brains how to better interpret these sounds; how to focus on what is important and how to ignore the rest.

Why is LACE important to your patients?

LACE empowers our patients to take control of their situation, to improve overall hearing and to have confidence that what they heard is what they think they heard. It’s also a great counseling tool for discussing realistic expectations.

We congratulate Evergreen Speech & Hearing on their successful use of LACE!

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