Recent CommentsWe would like to thank all the folks who have reached the 20-day training milestone in LACE and have taken the time to provide feedback on their experiences. User feedback is very important to product evolution and we certainly appreciate hearing from all of you.

Below is just a small sample of some recent feedback we’ve received on LACE:

This training helped me realize that I had become a lazy listener. I think I was frustrated about not being able to hear so I just stopped trying. LACE encouraged me to try harder and as a result I learned where my weaknesses are and how to help strengthen those weaknesses. The program is easy to use and does not take a lot of time each day so you don’t mind following through with the training. I think I am a better listener now. Thanks for the help.

I completed the training and I am very happy with the results. I feel so inspired, and grateful to understand the process of learning to hear with the brain. Thank you, The Lace Company, for giving me back my Youth and Joy of enjoying my many lectures, family, friends and group meetings. I would like to continue with more training.

I will be reviewing the current training daily that is available to me at this time. I do enjoy the workout and success of listening with the brain. I understand that I am waking up to a new method of personal growth and I love the process and joy of learning.

The course was both enjoyable and very helpful. I believe training of this type is not only very much needed but is hopefully just the start of a wide range of developmental exercises that will be routinely available to the public in the future.

I will be eagerly watching future developments.

Thanks for the opportunity to get practice and feedback in improving my ability to hear! I have been in a number of situations since I began my training that I am sure I would not have been able to understand what was going on before I had the training!

I found the program very useful and noticed a marked improvement in my listening over time. I also experienced a leap in confidence in all my social listening. I also noticed that I often did not understand the first time something was played but that it became easier with repetition. I liked being able to playback what I heard and found this very helpful as things began to become clearer the more I listened. Thank you for a most helpful program.

Thanks so much for this great program! I feel that many of the tasks have assisted me in learning to actively listen to those speakers around me no matter what the listening environment presents. LACE is an extremely effective way to increase one’s listening skills over time!

LACE is a fabulous program. The Communication Strategies made me think of how I adapted to gradual hearing loss and how the “bad listener” habits accrued over time. These helpful hints and strategies helped me to focus on really listening.

I have had a hearing loss since birth¸ but it was only detected at the age of 45. The LACE program has taught me the importance of paying attention and helping to block out background noises. I would highly recommend it!

Thank you for developing the LACE program. Because of it, I realize how easy it was to change some old non-listening habits. Sticking with the LACE program IS worth it. Thank you.

Since acquiring hearing aids and beginning LACE training I am acutely aware of growing confidence and a sense of awareness in social settings. I wonder how many older people appear senile or disconnected just because they cannot hear and have lost the ability to listen. I will continue to use LACE as long as it is available to me.