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Three High-Tech Boons for The Hard of Hearing

Here’s a sobering statistic: the World Health Organization estimates there are 360 million people around the world who suffer from disabling hearing loss, including 32 million kids. This being the age of tech, solutions have naturally arisen to address this global public health issue. In other words, there’s an app for that. Forbes has reported on three of them.

One is Motion Savvy UNI, to be released this September. A special camera captures American Sign Language gestures and translates it into text for “the world’s first two-way communication software for the deaf.” The more the app is used, the more it “learns” the user’s language, subtleties of gesture and idiosyncrasies. Cool. (Learn a bit more at TechCrunch.)

Solar Ear, which is a (you guessed it) solar-powered hearing aid, contains a battery that can last up to 3 years, which translates to a possible low-cost solution for the many people worldwide who must make do without hearing aids despite advanced hearing loss. Learn more here.

Iseewhatyousay translates speech into text for those who lost hearing late in life and don’t know ASL but can still speak. An explanatory video shows a man and his granddaughter walking side-by-side; she says “I love you, Grandpa” into her phone, and he reads his screen and says “I love you too.” Sweet.

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