LACE Auditory Training Redesign
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Our LACE Redesign is Live!

Making LACE more visually engaging was one of the top feature requests in our 2020 survey of Hearing Professionals and LACE users. We took that feedback and spent the last several months completely redesigning the look and feel of LACE. It’s…
LACE Online

Announcing the Upgraded, Feature-Rich LACE Online

Neurotone Inc., the golden standard in aural rehabilitation, is proud to announce that an upgraded, feature-rich LACE Online (LOL) has been launched. The new LOL replaces the existing LACE Home Edition & Clinic Edition software product…
LACE Online
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Hearing Mojo Reviews LACE Online

Check out this great review of our latest product release: LACE Online LACE Online makes it a lot easier to access auditory training than earlier versions, which came on DVDs and CD-ROMs, and it performs extremely well. One of the challenges…
LACE Online
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Independent study of the effectiveness of LACE

A recent independent study of the effectiveness of LACE training has been published in the journal, Cerebral Cortex (Song, et al, 2011). In this study the authors describe behavioral improvements on speech in noise measures, and, for the first…