How You Can Get the Most out of LACE with Your Patients

LACE has evolved from the original LACE software product into a website that is accessible on any device with an internet connection. Below are a few ways you and your patients can get the most out of LACE.

Become a LACE Preferred Partner

  • If your clinic is not already a LACE Preferred Partner, you can purchase discounted LACE Access Codes 10-packs in our eCommerce store here.
  • Becoming a preferred partner allows your clinic to share in the LACE sales revenue, reduce your return-for-credit rates and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Professionals can also refer patients to this website ( to purchase their own Access Codes at the retail price of $99.
  • To order free LACE brochures for your clinic, email

Use the LACE Demo

  • Patients can view a free demo of LACE by visiting
  • The demo presents two example tasks from each training category, allowing professionals to easily introduce LACE training in the clinic.

Register Patients with the LACE Hearing Professional Website

  • The LACE Hearing Professional Website is a free, HIPAA-compliant website available to professionals for tracking their patients’ LACE training progress.
  • Professionals register their patient’s LACE Access Code and name. The patient is prompted to provide permission for their professional to monitor their progress the first time they sign in. It’s that simple!
  • Set up your free Pro account today: Navigate to
  • Complete the form and submit your account request.
  • Account approval will arrive the same or next business day.