LACE has improved my return rate while taking a ton of work off my plate
by Crystal L. Chalmers, Au.D Clinical Audiologist and owner of North State Audiological Services, Chico, CA

My patients and I love the LACE aural rehabilitation program. Nearly 100% of my patients are provided with LACE when they are fitted with new hearing aids, regardless of whether they are first-time or experienced hearing aid wearers. I love it because it is such a great tool for successful aural rehabilitation, and aural rehabilitation is the very foundation of clinical Audiology. The patients love it because they can see first-hand the progress and improvements that they make after every session.

For patients who don’t have home computers, I have LACE Clinic Edition (CE) set up in my neuroscience lab. I am fortunate in that about 75% of my patients have home computers, so there is no logjam of patients waiting to use LACE CE in the lab. I currently have three patients who come into the lab every weekday to do LACE and have been doing so for the last two weeks. With the success of LACE CE, I’ve started hearing support groups at three local retirement communities and am setting up LACE CE for the residents to use.

I am such a believer in the LACE program that I’ve put together my own LACE display, which sits on the counter in the front office (see photo). The new, bright green LACE packaging works extremely well; people gravitate to it. I don’t have any other promotional material in the clinic – only the LACE point-of-sale display.

Before I put up this display, LACE wasn’t always at the top of my mind. Now, the display is a reminder for me and encourages the patients to inquire about it with about 90% of them asking, “Is this for me?” I am convinced the display is a big reason LACE usage has reached nearly 100% in the last six months.

While aural rehabilitation has been a big contributor to my historically very low return rates, LACE has improved this rate even more while taking a ton of work off my plate.

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