Competing Speaker Training

Helps train you to understand the voice you want to hear when there are competing speakers

Competing Speakers
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The Competing Speaker exercise constitutes approximately 20% of the training. In this module the subject progresses through the training in the exact manner as the SB protocol, the only difference being that the background noise is a single talker, rather than multi-talker, babble. Again, the intensity level of the signal at the initial presentation is 10 dB greater than that of the competing speaker. If the sentence is correctly identified, SNR is reduced by initial steps of 4 dB, and after the fifth presentation, the step size is reduced to 2 dB.

Hear an example (listen for the child's voice)

Examples are for demonstration purposes only. LACE adapts to your listening threshold so the exercises should never be too easy or too difficult.

In this task, the trainee is prompted to attend to one of three voices, a male, a female, or a child. The competing speaker is always one of the remaining two voices. In order to reduce frustration, the female’s and child’s voices are never presented together in this task. The precise timing relationship is randomized so that in some instances the target voice has a slight lead, and in others, the background voice may have a slight lead.

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