Built on Years of Audiological Science & Research

We may hear with our ears, but we listen to and understand sounds with our brains. Just as physical therapy helps with physical weakness or injury, LACE was developed to help strengthen the ear-to-brain connection in situations where hearing is difficult, with or without hearing aids.

Speech-in-noise Training

Speech-in-Noise Training

With Speech-in-Noise exercises, you’ll practice listening to voices in a noisy environment. Get better at understanding speakers in restaurants, stores, parties, or gatherings.

Rapid Speech Training

Get better at understanding fast talkers as you practice listening to faster and faster speech.

Rapid Speech Exercises
Competing Speakers

Competing Voice Training

Focus on one voice at a time, even when multiple voices are present. You’ll work on picking up male, female, and children’s voices in these hearing exercises.

Auditory Working Memory Training

Develop your cognitive abilities by focusing on target words. You’ll listen to and memorize words to help your memory learn to fill in the gaps in conversation.

Target Word (Auditory Working Memory)
Communication Strategies

Communication Tips & Strategies

LACE also offers over 100 communication strategies and tips to incorporate into your daily life.