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Latest Study Proves Speech-in-Noise Training Works!

Abstract We investigated training-related improvements in listening in noise and the biological mechanisms mediating these improvements. Training-related malleability was examined using a program that incorporates cognitively based listening exercises to improve speech-in-noise perception. [big_button link=”http://www.audiology.org/news/Pages/20121221.aspx”] Click Here Summary [/big_button] [big_button link=”http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21799207″] Click Here Complete Study [/big_button] For more information, contact us today!

New Release: LACE Online With Sycle.net Integration

Clinics can easily dispense and track LACE Online training data from within their Sycle account. Neurotone, makers of LACE®, the leading auditory training program, is proud to announce the integration of LACE Online into Sycle.net, the industry’s leading hearing care practice management system. Sycle users, who elect to add LACE training to their subscription, can […]

New Video: LACE Training a key to hearing better in noise

This is a must-see video for everyone! Dr. Sandra Vandenhoff, the founder of HEARa and an audiologist with severe to profound hearing loss, has just produced this excellent video regarding the need for Aural Rehabilitation. In addition to being a Doctor of Audiology and a cochlear implant recipient, Dr. Vandenhoff provides LACE Coaching services for […]

Hearing Aid Know Reviews LACE Online

Check out this post regarding our latest product release: LACE Online I think the release of the web-based version will make it easier for people to try LACE and get the benefit from it – it’s compatible with iPad and other mobile devices so you can train wherever you are. And being a bit of […]

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Independent study of the effectiveness of LACE

A recent independent study of the effectiveness of LACE training has been published in the journal, Cerebral Cortex (Song, et al, 2011). In this study the authors describe behavioral improvements on speech in noise measures, and, for the first time, changes in neurophysiologic responses in participants that completed the LACE training. More about the study: […]