LACE Online

Neurotone Inc., the golden standard in aural rehabilitation, is proud to announce that an upgraded, feature-rich LACE Online (LOL) has been launched. The new LOL replaces the existing LACE Home Edition & Clinic Edition software product lines.

LACE Online

New Professional Reporting

Upgraded Features
New LOL features include:

  • Secure area for hearing professionals to review patient progress and scores
  • An upgraded HIPAA compliant backend
  • Expanded training sessions at varying levels of difficulty
  • Support for the latest iOS and Android devices
  • Upgraded Look

Learn to Listen Online with LACE Online

With LOL there is nothing to download or install. The app can be accessed through any modern web browser on any supported device at You can start LOL training on one device and easily move to another. So you can train in the clinic, at home, or on the go and remain completely synchronized across all devices.

With the release of the updated LOL, Neurotone has discontinued the LACE Home Edition (HE) CD-ROM and download products and LACE Clinic Edition (CE) as of November 30, 2016.

Please visit our Support section for answers to questions about the transition from LACE HE to LOL.

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